Quiz Rules!!

No Fillers Quiz rules:

Team Ticket – Already know who’s gonna take you to victory? Get a team ticket and secure yourself a table and some popcorn
Single Ticket – If you want to come but don’t have anyone to go with use this ticket to join a team and make some new nerdy friends

  1. There are usually 5/6 rounds of the quiz
    • Each question will be asked twice
    •  After every two rounds you’ll swap sheets with another team
    • The QM will then read out the answers and you will mark another teams sheet
    • Once marked, the sheets will go to the secondary marker and there will be a drink/loo/smoke/cake break (around 15 minutes)
    • Spelling – As long as our secondary marker can understand what you mean, points will be allocated as normal (if in doubt – write phonetically)
  2. Absolutely no cheating – anyone caught cheating will lose ten points
  3. The QM is absolute
    • If there are any issues i.e. the way a question is worded/mistake please let the QM or a member of the NF team know ASAP, we don’t award points retrospectively
  4. Phones!! – Leave your phone face down in the middle of the table, anyone caught on their phone during will lose their team 5 points 
    • ‘During the quiz’ means: when the QM is asking questions, reading out answers or there is a presentation on.
    • We encourage all participants to let us know if someone is on their phone 🙂


If you have any questions, drop us a comment below and see you at the next quiz!

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