Magical Girl Vibes was a hit!!

We finished 2017 off with a tribute to magical women with a Sailor Moon Quiz and a party with tunes played by women spun by women all night long. There was some Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Missy Elliott, Aaliyah, ABRA and a heck of a lot more played that night.

Handmade Sailor Moon Necklaces!

It was a little stressful as this was our first time at The Alibi, but the staff were helpful and friendly, everyone had a good time and ‘The Moon Cats’ (who also happen to be our AoT quiz winners) won the Sailor Moon quiz, and these pretty handmade Sailor Moon necklaces!

We had vanilla and passionfruit cupcakes for sale and tiaras for everyone! We deserve to feel as special as we are.


During the quiz we had a ‘Design Your Own Sailor Senshi’, teams had ten minutes to create a Sailor Soldier for 5 extra bonus points. The quiz marker chose ‘Sailor Satan’ as the most creative and we gave a special shout out to ‘Sailor No-Trump’!!

Take us back to the MGV party! Our mega-cute #SailorMoon Quiz winners ‘The Moon Cats’!!


All in all, twas a fun night! Met some really great magical ladies and cannot wait to see you all again at our next event! It’s on Wednesday 24th January at The Alibi, Dalston – details for this will be posted early December (give ya time to study and prep ;). Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss a thing 🙂

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