Yasmeens Best Bits of Justice League

I wasn’t expecting much from Justice League but I must say there were some truly funny moments (most of them unintentional I think) and some pretty sick ones.

Be forewarned! Henceforth this post contains spoilers aplenty.

The deliberate laughs these movies try to produce usually make me cringe BUT in Justice League there were two that genuinely made me lol:

While Flash & Cyborg were digging a dead Superman out of his grave (casual) an attempt at establishing bondy bro-dom was rebuffed. Flash tries to spud Cyborg and is rejected. This wasn’t funny to me until Flash meekly acknowledged that his spud attempt was racially charged – to be honest. I was the only one laughing, but oh well I usually am.


Cyborg (Ray Fisher) & Flash (Ezra Miller)

After the League had used a Mother Box to bring Kal-El back to life, he was (understandably) disoriented and saw them all as a threat after Cyborg involuntarily fired. Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, Wonder Woman & Batman all reluctantly (and kinda fruitlessly) briefly fought Superman. What tickled me during this was when Wonder Woman and Superman were literally head to head and Superman headbutted her, then she headbutted him and THEN, Superman being petty af, rose off the ground and headbutt her with such force that she landed smack bang on concrete that CRUMBLED when she hit it (haha)


Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) & Superman (Henry Cavill…does anyone else get him and Sam Claflin mixed up too??)

Lastly! The only part of the movie that has left a lasting impression on me and the part that I am most grateful for. The freaking Amazons!

This was definitely the highlight of the entire movie for me, I can watch them fight all day long. I can’t be the only one who wants more of them, right? The best part of the movie, in my humble opinion was watching the Amazon women fight with their lives to ensure the Mother Box doesn’t fall into Steppenwolfs hands.

This is from Wonder Woman but it serves the same purpose and I love Robin Wright as Antiope

They were incredible! Strong, tenacious and relentless. Their resilience was admirable to say the least. For now I’m tabling the issue of the unnecessarily sexualised costumes in the Justice League movie but I enjoy watching the Amazon women fight so much because it’s gritty, and compared to the rest of the fights in Justice League was well choreographed. I think Wonder Woman could be a little less pretty and perfect when fighting and more like her Amazon sisters.

There were some parts in the movie I didn’t enjoy or felt was lacking.

To name a few: Batman being played by Ben Affleck… I’m not the first to say this, but I don’t like him as Batman at all.

Ben Affleck’s Batman

Who is Aquaman?

Jason Momoa as Aquaman

I feel the movie assumed too much DC universe knowledge on behalf of the audience, I don’t know about you but I haven’t touched Justice League since I stopped watching the cartoon on Boomerang/Cartoon Network many, many moons ago. It would’ve been nice to know a little more about him.

I mentioned it above, but I do feel that the Wonder Woman fights could be a little more gritty and less pretty. Like you have hair out of place if you’re fighting someone no? But then again, if you’re Wonder Woman…

Overall I found it entertaining, I think there could’ve been better choreographed fights, more of the Amazons (obviously) and more stuff on our bulky aquatic buddy.

Tell me what you thought of the movie? Did I miss out on any other funny/great/cringe moments?

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