Death Note x Magical Girl Vibes

death note quiz

Last Wednesday we had the Death Note x Magical Girl Vibes at The Alibi in Dalston and it was so much freaking fun!

It was so nice to see you again and welcome the newbies! There were fresh teams, elixirs flowing and banter all night. The Alibi just finished remodelling too, so there’s a lot more light and warmth in there – which I love.

Of course, there were also some new Death Note cupcakes, this time we had super moist red velvet cupcakes with nomworthy black oreo frosting, fondant apples and even mini-death notes! (DISCLAIMER: nofillers takes no responsibility for any heart attacks caused by writing names in these deadly delectables). You can order your own too!

Death Note cupcakes, no fillers, events

I like to mix up every event. This way, you’ll never know what to expect which only adds to the fun of pub quizzes, no?

What kind of Death Note quiz you ask?

While re-watching Death Note for the second time since 2006 (it is a travesty that I have not watched it more (I’ve seen it 3 times total now so that’s been remedied))I realised how insane some of Light’s facial expressions are – thus the caption round was born.

death note yagami light
‘I go for girls who are Naomi in the streets but Misa Misa in the sheets’

‘Light is my waifu’ had the most vulgar captions but they went with the pictures perfectly, so they won a FREE round of elixirs!

Who won the Death Note quiz and what did they get?

Buuuut ‘My Ryuk-shake brings all the boys to the yard’ won with waaaay more points than the second place team: ‘The Leaf’ (Not Hidden, just The Leaf’) though they did pretty well considering they didn’t re-watch the anime.

death note quiz winners, yasmeen ojeleye, pub quiz, the alibi dalston

The magical winners each took home a Death Note, complete with a ‘how-to’ and feathered pen. There were drinks, impressions, cakes and banter – it was a very good time ☺ Y’ALL MAKE IT SO

Our next offline adventure will be at London Anime & Gaming Con 16-17 February 2018. We’ll be doing nails, mending cosplays and hanging out, so swing by to chill out, chat shit and add some geeky glamour to your already-so-fabulous selves! We can’t wait to see you there ☺

If you’re more of a partier than pamperer then make sure Wed 28th March is in your diary… We’re gonna be at the Alibi that night and trusst me it’s gonna get Schwwwwwwifty in there 😉

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