London Anime & Gaming Con – Winter 2018

no fillers, sailor moon nail art

Last weekend No Fillers came offline and exhibited at a con for the very first time! I’ve been to a few different cons before (in the UK and abroad) but this was my very first time going as an exhibitor and I was nervous.

no fillers, nail art, conventions, flyfangirlclub
Ty, Jenna and I~


LAGC was great because I got to expose No Fillers to a raw audience, and it was so lovely to meet people who expressed genuine interest in what I’m trying to create: a safe, fun space for fangirls all over. It was nice to get such positive responses from all of you who stopped to chat!

lot of planning went into this, including strategy sessions over coffee and many WhatsApp chat messages but together we prevailed!

What did No Fillers bring to LAGC?

We did quirky nail art based on your favourite fandoms, peep some of the designs we did:

We also had some cute magical stickers on sale too!

no fillers, stickers, #flyfangirlclub, nail art
Designed by Jenna

What were the best parts?

The best part of the weekend was chatting to different fangirls about different fandoms -cough- Black Panther -cough- and  hanging out with legendary voice actress Monica Rial!

I was a little nervous about meeting someone from the industry, but she’s cool and down to Earth, we spoke about everything from voice acting to the nerd life, while sipping on some cheeky Shinigami Elixirs. I think it’s safe to say that Monica was pretty pleased with the finished product!

no fillers, dbz nail art, dragonball z nail art
Incredible Dragonball Z nail art


London Anime & Gaming Con was really good fun, I’m looking at other cons we can do to get that fly nail art straight to you!

In the meantime, our next offline adventure is the Rick & Morty Party at The Alibi on Wed 28/03 !! Let’s get riggedy riggedy rekt son!

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