No Fillers – Rick & Morty x Magical Girl Vibes

rick and morty, no fillers quiz

It was great to see so many new fangirls and boys and to vibe with the veterans.

I wanted to throw a party for RnM fans by RnM fans so that’s what we did! 

We had special ‘Velocitini’ cocktails on offer at the bar, themed cakes, remixed Rick & Morty tunes and prizes. We even had an independent committee of Rick & Morty veterans who judged the creative round.

rick and morty, simple ricks
Rick & Morty inspired Simple Ricks

Our Simple Ricks are made up of a scrumptious pink velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I also made some fluffy vanilla portal cupcakes for those who wanted more choice.

If you couldn’t make the event but would like to order some of your own Simple Ricks, you totally can!

Why Rick & Morty?

Why not? Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Rick & Morty. Weirdly enough I got really into it after my dad passed away because it’s such an easy avenue of escapism.

I’ve said before, each quiz is different and I like to mix it up everytime. Remember the episode where we find out that Beth asked Rick to make her a bunch of weird stuff when she was a child. I asked our quizzers what they would ask Rick to make them if they were lucky/unlucky enough to have him as their father.

Huge props to ‘Hannah’s Team’ for creating the ‘Infinite Everything Generator’ a machine that acts as a sort of ‘whatever you need’ microwave. Mad props.

Who won our Rick & Morty quiz and what did they get?

‘The Council of Dicks’ came very close but ‘The Alibi Mind Blowers’ won with two more points than the aforementioned team.

alibi mind blowers, rick and morty, council of morty
‘The Alibi Mind Blowers’ in all their glory!

Each member of The Alibi Mind Blowers won a gold plated Council of Morty badge with individual universe numbers starting in the C-universe.

I had such a good time hosting this event and it cannot be done without the participation from everyone who takes part. Never let that enthusiasm for the stuff you love waver! It is we who keep it alive!!!

Our next offline adventure will be at The Alibi on Wednesday May 23rd – EVENT TBC, although it will be the perfect way to get a head start on con fun.

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