About Us

I started No Fillers because there isn’t a permanent, safe and fun space for magical women and girls in the UK.

Since early tweenhood I’ve been watching anime and enjoyed it as the main route of escapism growing up. School was… effort and I didn’t feel like I ‘belonged’ anywhere but there was something about anime that just got me, and kept me.

Beyond Cowboy Bebop, One Piece and any other Toonami/CNX TV show you can think of – the solitary voyage into the realm of the nerdy started with Bleach (you never forget your first).

Once anime was incorporated, I started playing more MMO/RPG and single player video games like Runescape, Sims & Skyrim. After videogames came the books, the super immersive fantasy series like Harry Potter, The Wheel of Time and my all time mega-fave – The Realm of the Elderlings. And the dystopia, YA series like The Hunger Games, Divergent, Legend and The Books of Pellinor also have a special place.

I have a v slight tendency to obsess over the things I love, and that also applies to TV shows. Supernatural and sci-fi stuff like LOST, FRINGE and Westworld. Adult cartoons like Rick & Morty, Archer & South Park. Cult faves like Supernatural, Sherlock and Twin Peaks.

I graduated in Law, was on Sky 1’s King of the Nerds and lived in Tokyo and in 2017 after nearly my whole life of not quite fitting in. I decided to create my own space for all unashamedly passionate MG’s to come and play, the ‘super into it’, the ‘not so into it but interested’ and the ‘just got into it’ magical girls.

At the moment we host events every other month including: anime quizzes, magical girl vibes club nights, and geek girl brunches —- subscribe so you don’t miss out

We also make and sell bespoke geeky cakes, do cute geeky nail art, drunkenly talk about stuff we care about on YouTube and stay kawaii above all else.

It’s not easy being a fangirl – but you get it, you do it too 🙂 #magicalgirlgang